Monday, February 6, 2012

My birthday message to my dearest daughter

The moment you decided you wanted to see the world there was no slowing you down. The moment I first laid my eyes on you, my heart was bursting with love and it was as if you and I had known each other all of our lives. 

As you grow and journey in life, remember that you are strong and you can accomplish anything no matter how rough the roads are.   Nothing is impossible.  Think outside the box.  Always have faith and stay true to yourself.  Never forget that the inner beauty you hold within is the most powerful and it is the only thing that can make you the most beautiful.  

Laugh.  Always laugh no matter how hard the winds blow.  Your giggle is just one of the many things I love so much about you.  The room lights up when you laugh and my heart sings.  Laugh with your friends, laugh at the world, and laugh at your  problems. Conquer your fears as well. 

Dream big.  Dream colorful.  Dream magic.  Dream beyond the stars.  Everything big starts as something small.  Leap high and go for it! I know someday you will be a legend on your own right, a born winner at that. After all, you were named Victoria meaning Victorious. 

I have faith in you my beautiful daughter.  I love you forever and I look forward to a lifetime of experiences with you.  Thank you for all the smiles and even some of the tears.  Thank you for always loving me and teaching me everyday how to be a better person. 

Like what I always say, I will hold your hand tight as we walk and dance in life. And together, we will paint this world HOT PINK! 

I LOVE YOU! HAPPY 1st Birthday my dearest Victoria!

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